Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the future of the Democratic Party

The future of politics in America is looking brighter than ever.

It may seem as though the Republican Party has been in a state of decline for years.

However, there is a new wave of political power that is taking shape.

A new political machine is emerging that is trying to take down the old establishment.

The most powerful politician in America, Bernie Bros.

The Bernie Bros, a new political phenomenon, is taking a giant step towards the Democrats.

They are taking a massive step towards replacing the old party machine and instead, they are creating their own political party.

There are some people who think that Bernie Bros is a bit crazy.

But they have a very clear message.

Bernie Bros. is taking politics to the next level.

They are taking politics into the 21st century.

Here are five things you need to know about Bernie Bros:1.

They do not have any party affiliation.

They don’t have a political party platform.

They have their own agenda and message.

They simply want to see a change in politics and culture.

They call themselves a “political revolution” and they are fighting for a better world for everyone.

They support Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primaries.2.

They want a change.

The Bernie Bros have not had a major political party since the 1970s.

Bernie Sanders has been their favorite politician for decades.

As of 2016, Bernie’s approval rating among Americans is around 70%.3.

Bernie Bros are not a fringe movement.

They’re not fringe.

They’ve been a part of the political establishment for decades and it’s just a matter of time until they take over.


They believe in their vision.

Their goal is to change the political landscape by creating their political party and running for the US presidency in 2020.5.

They aren’t going to let anything stop them.

Their message is clear: We will not allow you to take our country back.

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