Espresso machine manufacturer makes new machine for latte machines

Machine manufacturer Coffee Machines has announced that it will make an espresso machine that uses a machine to make the same drink, but for espresso.

The company says the machine is called the Espresso Machine and that it can be configured to produce the same espresso at a different speed.

The machine will be priced at $1,499, according to Coffee Machines, which is part of a larger company called Ego Machines that also makes a line of machine-to-table machines for espresso drinks.

The Espresso Machines announcement comes as the company continues to expand its espresso business with a $300 espresso machine, which will be made by the same company, according a press release from the company.

It’s unclear how Coffee Machines plans to compete with its espresso machine competitor, New England Coffee Roasters, which sells its own machine.

A company spokesperson said Coffee Machines’ announcement “puts the coffee industry back on track to reach the tipping point.”

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