How to get a ‘pachinkop’ machine that makes a noise when you hit the button

How to make a ‘pop’ noise?

That’s the question on most people’s minds when they try out a new pachino machine, and the answer is easy: You simply turn it on and hold it down for about 20 seconds.

Pachino machines have been around for years, and while they’ve been used for games and amusement, they’ve also been known to generate buzz.

They have been popular with parents and kids, who often turn them on to help their little ones stay awake and stay in the mood.

The pachinos are made by turning a plastic shell on the top and bottom of a machine, then placing a plastic chip in the center of the shell.

A tiny microchip inside the shell holds the pachinico machine’s information, such as how many chips are in the machine, how much money is in the machines, and so on.

But that chip has an embedded chip, and as you hit buttons, the chip generates a “pop” sound.

That’s because the chip contains information about how long it’s been in the pachi-machine’s housing, and that information is stored in a small memory chip.

The chip stores the “pachino time” — the time it takes for the machine to start producing a sound — and the “pop time” is how long you have to wait to turn the machine on again.

Some pachines also use magnets in the shell, and when you hold them down, a magnet is placed in front of the pachuino machine and attached to the chip.

While the pacho-machine is still a work in progress, it’s likely to be the first one to be able to generate a “pachi-pop” noise that people are talking about.

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