Why the hell are we going to the beach?

A bunch of commenters decided to get together and start brainstorming what the future of beach etiquette should look like.

The results?

A few simple rules, with the intent to get everyone out there doing something different.1.

We need to be safe2.

There’s no place to park3.

We can only park on the grass4.

We don’t want to go swimming5.

We want to swim in the water6.

We know the rules7.

We won’t do anything stupid8.

We’re going to get wet9.

We’ll take the beach water from a fountain10.

We will drink the water in the pool11.

And most importantly, we’re going for a swim.1st rule: Don’t get too close.

You don’t know what you’re getting into, and you don’t care what anyone else is thinking, but you need to make sure you’re not making a fool of yourself.2nd rule: Wear a swimsuit.

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of pesky beach debris.3rd rule: Keep it clean.

It’s just more fun when you have a cool breeze blowing in your face.4th rule: You’ll feel good about it when you go swimming.5th rule of the day: Do it!6th rule on the list: If you’re going with the pool, it makes the best pool.7th rule to the rescue: Wear flip-flops.

They’re super comfortable and you can get away with it.8th rule at the top of the list, if you can: Don.



That’s the motto of the group, who are calling themselves “The Bipap Machine”.

They’ve set up a website called Bipaps.com, and have a Facebook page called Bapap Machine.

Here, they’re asking the public for suggestions on what they should do to get out and about, from wearing flip- flops to taking selfies in the ocean.

“Bipaps has a few ideas for the beach, but most importantly they’ve put together a list of rules for everyone to follow,” Bapaps founder Michael Kuzmich wrote in a Reddit AMA.

“We’ve tried to keep it simple so that everyone can do it and feel good and make their beach feel good.

Hopefully, we can inspire people to do more and do it more often.”

Bipap machines are actually two different types of machines, with different principles.

The first machine, the “blip”, is a simple piece of fabric that you slide down a water-filled hole in the sand.

It acts like a flip-floored sandbag, keeping the sand under your feet and providing a buffer from the water.

The second machine, called the “fog”, is designed to create fog that prevents beachgoers from seeing what’s around them.

The “manitov machine” is a much more complex piece of equipment, designed to generate a thick layer of fog that traps the sun’s rays and cools the water for swimming.

The final piece of the bimap machine is a special device that creates a thin layer of white fog that coats the sand and coolers the water down to cool it even more.

To see what other rules they’ve devised, check out the full AMA below.

The bimaps have some interesting ideas.

They want people to wear flip- floored sandbags, flip- flipped shoes, flip flops and flip flop socks.

But they also want to take the place of the water fountain, which is the only place where you can go in the world without actually being on a beach.

And they don’t seem to have a problem with swimming in the cold water.

They even have a few suggestions for people who might not be able to swim at all.

For instance, they want people not to go out on the water because the water temperature is too cold.

Or they want beachgoers to keep a bucket of water handy, so they can wash their hands and then use it on a device that would keep the sun off their faces.

It would be great if we could find a way to let people drink water that they don)t need to drink and drink it while we’re in the heat.

But for now, these are the rules:If you have no idea what’s going on around you, just stop and ask someone.

Just be patient and give them a couple minutes.

Just don’t go swimming alone, because you will get wet.

Do not put your life in danger.

And don’t do things that could cause injury or death.

If you are not a medical professional, do not make a medical decision for yourself.

If your friend gets injured, do your best to stop the bleeding, do CPR, get medical help, and take the person to the hospital.

Do NOT call 911.

Do call the

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