How to watch the ICC World Twenty20 on BBC One at 12:00 BST, Sunday 25 November 2018

Cricket has been played in the UK for nearly 100 years, with a succession of nations representing the country, but the World Twenty-20 has become increasingly popular in recent years.

It has been held every four years since 2015 and the format is currently being trialled for the first time in 2019.

The game is currently played at the Olympic Stadium in London, but has been staged at many venues around the world including the White House and the White Castle in Edinburgh.

The tournament is now being trialed in the US, the World Bank and in the United Kingdom, but it is also set to be played at Cardiff City Stadium, which is the home of Cardiff Blues FC.

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Cricket machines are also being used at some international matches, with the US hitting back at the World Cup hosts’ use of the machines at their upcoming match against Australia.

The US team will be playing in their third game at Cardiff on Tuesday, but they are not expected to use the machines.

The ICC is also working with local cricket associations to ensure that there are enough cricket machines in the city.

There is also the issue of cricket pitches.

The International Cricket Council says it is working with the Welsh Government to ensure there are adequate grounds for cricket in Wales.

This includes a proposal to improve the availability of pitches in the capital.

The UK Government is also investigating whether it could play cricket in the country at the 2019 World Cup in 2019, but so far there have been no concrete steps taken to achieve this.

In Wales, the cricketing scene has also seen a boom in the last few years, particularly after the introduction of the World Series of Cricket in 2015, which saw England and India both reach the semi-finals.

The event was followed by the ICC Championship series, which took place at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium.

A further six teams are expected to enter the competition at some point in 2019: England, Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa and India.

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