Why Apple is using patent trolls to target its suppliers

Apple is facing pressure from patent trolls that are using their leverage over patents to target suppliers.

The company has been facing pressure to lower prices and to improve its patent portfolio.

Apple recently introduced its patent licensing program, which is aimed at reducing the amount of litigation that it faces, and is seeking more than $50 million in additional revenue.

The program was launched last month in the US and Canada and will now extend to other countries as well.

This week, a patent troll filed a suit against the Apple supplier of its rube goldenberg machine.

The lawsuit is named in a class-action lawsuit filed in California, which says that the patent holder, Rube Goldberg, has failed to pay the patent rights holder for almost four years.

In February, Apple’s chief financial officer Tim Cook was quoted in a New York Times article saying that the company will be “taking a lot more of a stand against the patent trolls, which are very aggressive in terms of what they are trying to do.”

The company’s move to fight these patent trolls comes as a recent patent suit filed by Apple against another supplier has drawn the ire of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

As we reported earlier, the patent filed by RubeGoldberg accuses Apple of breaching two key patents related to its rubecostal machine.

RubeGoldenberg filed its suit in February, and the patent was filed on March 6.

It was later withdrawn from the court’s docket on April 8.

Apple has been sued over its patent on its ruber goldenberg and has also been hit with patent claims from other manufacturers.

It recently filed a patent infringement suit against Apple’s rival Zalando.

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