How to get rid of the scum and go back to normal

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Remove all the coffee grounds, beans, and stems2.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water3.

Dry thoroughly with paper towels, and then pat dry on a clean cloth4.

Place the machine in the warmest setting and add your coffee grounds and beans, then set the machine on your countertop for a few minutes.

The machine should go back into the warm mode and you can turn it off if you want.5.

Add your espresso machine to the hot setting.

The espresso machine will warm up and the machine should be ready to use in less than two minutes.6.

Add the paper towels to the machine.

This will help to reduce any scum that may be on the paper towel.7.

Add water to the water and add the paper.

The water should start to foam up and then quickly come to a boil.

Add more water if necessary to avoid scum.8.

Place your paper towel over the machine and turn the machine off.9.

When the machine is back in its warm mode, check to see if the coffee has started to froth.

If it does, you have a problem.

If you have trouble, take a hot shower and dry your hands off with a paper towel and a damp cloth, then clean your hands with a damp towel and then wipe them with a clean, damp cloth.10.

Check for any small pieces of coffee grounds or any debris that may have formed on the surface of the paper on the water.

If you see any debris, remove it.11.

Add fresh water and your machine is ready to go again.

If the water starts to boil, add more water.

Remove the paper from the water, then add a drop of water, and continue to add water until the coffee is almost completely boiling.

The coffee will then cool to room temperature and can be consumed.

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