How to build a little green robot

The little green monster, which is built from LEGO bricks, is now available in the US.

This robot, which measures in at just 12cm x 12cm and weighs around two kilograms, is designed to help kids learn about building with LEGO.

The toy is made from Lego bricks which were then turned into an LED display.

The LEGO bricks were then heated up and then lit to make it glow.

The little robot then uses a special lightbulb to illuminate the display.

This can be used to make the display pop up at certain moments, as well as to show a message on the display when the message appears.

The display is also controlled using a remote control.

In the UK, the toy was launched in September.

The product is available at Toys R Us, B&G, Walmart and Amazon. It costs £8.99.

LEGO has also created a special Lego theme park where kids can build and test their creations.

It’s called Lego Factory, and it’s set to open later this year.

Lego Factory also features an interactive toy garden, where you can play with the LEGO bricks and other objects you can collect.

The theme park is currently only available in Europe and China, and will be expanded to other regions in the future.

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