Man takes off clothes to sew a suit

A man in a sweatshirt and sweatshirt pants went into a laundry machine and went to work sewing a suit for a company.

He said he had been thinking about how to improve his job and what he could do to make it more profitable.

He has now taken it upon himself to make sure it is as good as he could have made it.

“I went into this thing that I had been working on for 10 years.

I really wanted to get it to where I could get a salary, and I could do it with this, so I started to sew,” he said.

He says the machine has been good for him, and it is easy to sew.

He also said it is much easier to use the machine than the sewing machine.

The garment he is making is a white jacket.

He said it took about five minutes to do the suit.

It is about $100 for a suit, and is not an expensive suit, he said, adding he has been saving up for the suit, so it is a good investment.

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