‘Roughly 20,000 cows slaughtered’

Roughly 20 million cows have been slaughtered in India over the past few years, but the government’s annual census shows that about 18 million remain alive.

The figure includes cattle which have been killed and are currently being raised.

The government is also tracking cows that are still alive and has not yet registered them as “rescued” and are being slaughtered.

The total number of cattle that have been registered is expected to hit more than 200 million.

It is estimated that about 1.3 billion cows are killed annually in India, of which approximately 10 million are in slaughter.

The rest are kept for slaughter in various parts of the country.

The number of cows that remain alive varies depending on the size of the herd and the age of the cattle.

According to the Agriculture Ministry, there are around 20 million live cows in the country and around 15 million in the slaughterhouses.

In India, there is a population of about 22 million.

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