Watch: Rube Goldberg machine for the gym goes on sale in the UK

RUBEN GOLDBERG’S machine for lifting weights and cardio machines has been sold for just under £1,000.

The machine, named TheRubeGoldberg, is one of three machines to be sold in the United Kingdom to make money through a deal struck with the Fitness Equipment Association.

Rube Goldberg was born in Brooklyn in 1911, according to the BBC.

He died in 1974, and his machine, the RubeGoldbauer, was built to help him lift weights.

Goldberg invented the RubenGoldberg machine in the 1950s, and he sold the machine to the FEA in 2003.

The machine became the focus of a BBC documentary last year, in which it was said to be the most successful machine in history.

The Rube Goldberg machine has two blades that can produce as many as 6,000 kilograms of force each.

The machines are used to lift weights, run marathons and sprints.

The British government recently announced it would fund a new RubeGauge, a machine that would help people with physical conditions such as asthma.

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