McDonald’s has an open mind about opening up vending machines to bar patrons

McDonald’s Corp has been quietly talking to customers about opening vending machines up to bar customers, a move that would bring more variety to the restaurant’s menu.

A source with knowledge of the conversations said McDonald’s is now discussing whether to offer up more than two machines per bar, up from one currently.

The conversations with customers come as the restaurant faces a slew of legal challenges over whether it should have the right to sell food from its restaurants.

The company is facing a number of challenges in its bid to regain control of its foodservice operations, which include its trademarked McDonald’s brand, as well as a lawsuit filed by the government of New Zealand.

A company spokesperson declined to comment on the discussions with McDonald’s.

The company recently began to expand its offerings to more bar areas, including its restaurants in San Francisco and Seattle.

Last year, the chain opened its first restaurant in Toronto, and last month it opened a new restaurant in Seattle.

It opened a restaurant in Los Angeles earlier this month.

While the company has previously spoken about opening its vending machines in bars, the discussions are likely to be driven by customer needs, according to the source.

It will be up to McDonald’s to decide whether to open up the vending machines at the restaurant level, which are generally considered more expensive than the bar level.

McDonald’s also has more options to serve food from the restaurants, which make up a large portion of its menu.

For example, the company currently sells McDonald’s fries at its restaurants, but a source said the chain has also talked about adding fries at the bar.

At least one McDonald’s restaurant is offering its own menu.

The chain recently opened a second location in Portland, Oregon, which is the first in the country.

As part of the company’s push to attract more customers, the new restaurants are also offering free wi-fi for customers, as part of a new initiative.

However, the McDonald’s spokesperson declined further comment on whether the company is considering a more bar-focused menu.

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