Pfaff is buying vinyl cutting equipment for $3.9 billion

The music industry is bracing for a wave of vinyl machines as Pfaf moves into the $3 billion market for spinning and cutting vinyl.

The company, which makes the popular vinyl cutter, has already started to see a surge in orders for its cutting machines, including those for the cutting machines used by record labels.

The record labels are looking to expand the vinyl industry to include cutting and manufacturing machines.

Pfac said in a statement that it has been working closely with the music industry on the acquisition of equipment.

“We are looking forward to helping the industry expand its capabilities in this area,” the company said.

“It will be exciting to work with such a large and innovative player like Pface to further develop our cutting capabilities and help the industry become more innovative.”

Pfaces customers include record labels, distributors, record retailers and artists.

Paface has already announced plans to sell its cutting machine business, which sells to record labels for $8,000.

It also is looking to sell the company’s electronic-music-processing business, Pfasten, for $15 million.

The companies’ acquisition comes as the music business has struggled in recent years, with record sales plummeting as record labels try to stay competitive and digital sales outpace the vinyl market.

Pfla said in September that it would sell its vinyl cutting business and digital-music processing business to record label Universal.

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