How to hack a Nintendo trade machine

Hacker News is reporting that the Wii U’s trade-in machines are getting hacked, causing the system to lock down.

According to the news source, a user in Germany noticed that a Wii U had locked down when it had already been unlocked.

The user then went to a nearby store to get the system unlocked.

When they went to check the system, the Wii was still locked down.

The user then uploaded a screenshot of the system boot screen, and the hacker uploaded a picture of the console.

The screenshot was then posted to the Hacker News thread, where the user posted that they had hacked the Wii and was getting a message that the console was not currently running.

When the user tried to reboot the system using the “Power” button, it was not recognized.

However, the user could reboot the console with the “Wii” option selected.

The hacker then uploaded another screenshot of his system booting, and that image showed the system running in a completely different configuration.

When they tried to reset the system with the same “Power,” the Wii would not boot.

Instead, the hacker was able to boot the Wii in the “Super Smash Bros.” mode.

The Wii U also showed a message saying that they would have to use a specific password for the Wii to use the system.

This could indicate that the system is not actually running, and may indicate a software bug.

However it could also be a security issue.

Nintendo has confirmed the hack and has offered to refund the user $30,000.

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